Grand physiques is full of excited individuals dedicated
to helping you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals

Meet some of our Personal Training Team!

Our Trainers

Jonathan Johnson 

Hello my name is Johnny! I am a certified trainer that has a deep passion for fitness and helping my community! I am always looking to help anybody out there in my community that is in need of help or guidance on increasing their health and fitness. There is nothing better than seeing my clients grow into a healthier, stronger more confident individual. The feeling is priceless! I want anybody and everybody to approach me if they are looking for the best, efficient and safe results! Cause’ I got it!

Jesse Brunick 

I’m a 27 year old guy who comes from a family with multiple health and obesity issues, leading to the early passing of loved ones… I found out a long time ago I had a passion for helping people and a passion for health/wellness, and fitness! I’m certified in all aspects of general personal/physical training and put a very deep emphasis on form/practice. My favorite part of what I do is that I get to share the knowledge I have to help you reach your goals, I’ve always enjoyed teaching people!

Our Beginnings

Grand Physiques was founded in January 2016 by Kendrick Oswald, a lifelong fitness fanatic, and stands on the principle that everyone is capable of achieving their dreams of being happy, fit and healthy. Our team is full of excited individuals dedicated to helping you along your fitness journey! We are passionate about the benefits of consistent exercise and believe it will impact anyone’s life in a positive manner.

Our goal is to create a customized fitness and nutrition experience for you based on your unique goals. Grand Physiques is unique because we look at the person as a whole and we understand the importance of tailoring our fitness goals and nutrition to the individual and based on the understanding that our bodies are continuously changing.

When working with clients we consider:

  • Your possible health concerns

  • Current fitness level

  • Your unique goals

  • Each body is different

  • Current diet and nutrition

  • Lifestyle

What sets GP apart:

  • Our Personal Trainers come to you: train in the comfort of your home, apartment gym, or place of your choice

  • We take pride in excellent customer service and placing our clients first!

  • We truly care about our clients and helping them get where they want to be with superior trainers and top nutrition plans and meal replacements

  • Couple’s Training prices available!

  • Group training  events and sessions are available!

  • We grow with you as you break through your goals and set new ones

  • Flexibility in scheduling your sessions

  • Available in Arizona, Colorado, and Louisiana

Grand Physiques takes pride in creating a truly unique experience
in order to get you blasting through your fitness & wellness goals!


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 *please contact us if you are outsize of AZ, as we are looking to expand across the country!